20 Classic Excuses That Won’t Work This Year

By Jamin Thompson

Most people who fail at anything are all united by one common thread; they all seem to have a good REASON for their lack of success. These chronic excuse makers are also infamous for wanting to explain exactly why they failed to everyone who will listen. How annoying!

Using clever excuses to explain a lack of success is nothing new; people have been doing it since the beginning of time. But remember, regardless of how logical your reason for failing may be, at the end of the day, reasons are just excuses.

And excuse makers suck.

Here are 20 classic excuses that won’t work this year.

1. If only I had more time
2. If only I could afford it
3. If only I could eat healthier
4. If only I could stick with it
5. If only I wasn’t hungry all the time
6. If only I didn’t have kids
7. If only I knew how to do it
8. If only I were younger
9. If only I had somebody to help me
10. If only the economy was better
11. If only I had been given a shot
12. If only I had better genetics
13. If only I didn’t have so much weight to lose
14. If only I didn’t have to try so hard
15. If only I hadn’t failed in the past
16. If only I could just catch a break
17. If only I had more confidence
18. If only I were luckier
19. If only had a workout partner
20. If only I could just get started

Most, if not all of these excuses are pretty justifiable, but when it comes down to it only losers whine and make excuses. Winners just get it done. The lame excuses you made last year just won’t work anymore, and in fact, your friends and family are probably sick of hearing them.

…But…if you came up short last year and found yourself saying “If Only” there is still hope.

It’s a brand new year. You have a new opportunity to reach that old goal. You have a fresh start.

Take a few minutes and write down a list of the classic excuses you consistently tell yourself. Then burn it or throw it in the trash. Remember, reasons are just excuses. You don’t need them in your life this year. Think of an excuse as a cancer to your goals.

This year, spend less time thinking up clever excuses and more time working hard trying to achieve your goals. Whether your goals are six pack abs, or just improving your health…the more commitment, focus, and effort you apply to reaching your goals this year, the more successful you’ll become.

About the Author

Jamin Thompson is an internationally recognized fat loss expert, fitness model, motivational speaker, and sports performance expert. He is the author of the best selling fitness and diet e-book, The 6 Pack Secret: Fat Burning Secrets of The World’s Top Fitness Models which has helped thousands of men and women from all over the world build muscle, lose fat, and remain healthy for life without the use of supplements, fancy machines, or long boring cardio workouts. Learn how to increase your metabolism and get rid of stubborn fat by visiting: www.the6packsecret.com
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